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DC IOC March Roundtable: Techniques for Reducing Stress and Pain for Coachees (and Coaches!) – with Bev Nerenberg

February 8, 2019

The most effective coaching session is when neither coach nor coachee are in a state of stress. But how do we get to a calm place, when we all live with, and experience, stressful situations wherever we go?

On March 1st, the DC Area Institute of Coaching presents a private lunch & learn workshop where you can learn a simple technique to immediately relieve stress for you and your coachees.

Join us for Techniques for Reducing Stress and Pain for Coachees (and Coaches!) presented by Bev Nerenberg.

  • Our coachees are under some degree of stress virtually all of the time, from a little to a LOT! – and so are we as coaches. As long as our coachees are in a triggered state, they are only so coachable. (And if we coaches are stressed, we carry that into the coaching space with our coachees). So how can we quickly and simply reduce stress for ourselves and our coachees? How can we do the work that can only be done in a non-triggered state?
  • Takeaways:
    • You will learn the basics of a technique called EFT Tapping and how and why it works.
    • You’ll experience its effectiveness directly and immediately for relief from distressing emotions and pains.
    • You’ll leave knowing how to perform it on yourself.
    • You’ll leave knowing how to introduce and teach it to your coachees.


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