Healing The Divide in Times of Uncertainty

Situations like the one we are now living through are why the acronym VUCA was created.  No doubt, we are living in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times.  And when the VUCA hits the fan, we at Learning in Action want to be in it with you, supporting you through it.

Heal The Divide Mission

Learning in Action is committed to healing the divide within and between people. Healing the divide within and between is the work that connects the world.  Healing our dividedness from our essence will heal the dividedness between us. We dream of a world in which when one of us hurts, we all feel it.  And we run to the aid of the other just as we would to our own.  We envision a world in which there is a realization that we are separate and connected and ONE. 

Conquer YOUR Coaching Blindspots

Conquer YOUR Coaching Blindspots is an immersive workshop intended to help you see what you can’t see about yourself – your blindspots. We are our own first client and our blindspots can be the key that unlocks our clients’ progress. In this workshop, you'll take a deep dive into your hidden patterns and increase your capacity to see your blindspots, and develop strategies for integrating them.

Throughout the course of 4 live sessions, you'll receive:

  • A 1:1 coaching session with a Master Practitioner
  • A learning partner to ask questions and share insights
  • Insights and real-time feedback on your personal blindspots
  • The full EQ Profile Experience to reveal things you don't know and can't see about yourself
  • and more!

EQ Training — Coaching Certification Program

Are You Interested in Going Deeper Faster with Clients and Helping Them Break Through in Weeks Instead Of Months?

The EQ Certification Training is strategically designed to take your coaching to a deeper level. You’ll learn how to examine old narratives and create new ones and do the same for your clients.  You’ll be working with your own intrapersonal process so that you’ll bring an embodied experience to your coachees.

You will leave training transformed by the awareness of your own patterns
 and with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to confidently take your clients through the same transformational process.

Heal The Divide Podinar Series

What's a podinar? It's an interview-style podcast and interactive webinar in one (we made it up 😊)!

Our Heal The Divide podinar series is a free, monthly, live interactive virtual learning intended to facilitate and accelerate transformative change in the world. We do that by introducing a community of change agents to thought leaders, providing opportunities for professional development, and creating experiences that inspire, inform and build community.

Moving Through Fear

An interactive, on-demand course designed to engage your innate capacity to understand, accept, move through and use your experience of fear to your benefit. Learn the steps you can take to name, tame, sit with and move through fear into a place of acceptance and possibility.

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Recent Articles

4 Things They Don’t Teach You in Coaching School

Do you know the book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? It’s a marvelous book written by a Seattle-area author, Robert Fulghum. I wish I could write the same book about coaching school: All I Really Need to Know About Coaching I Learned in Coaching School. However, after 15 plus years of coaching, I’m realizing how much I didn’t learn about coaching in either of the two certified coaching programs I completed.

While I really could write a whole book about what I didn’t learn about coaching in school, I’m focusing this article on four key insights I’ve gained from thousands of coaching hours, much of which has felt like trial and error. I’m hoping these four key concepts that most coaching schools don’t emphasize will help make your learning curve steeper than mine was!


A Coach’s Guide to Common Client Blindspots

As coaches, we are always creating awareness in our clients. While all the ICF Core Competencies are important, creating awareness is perhaps the most central competency to coaching. 

Our clients hire us because they want something to change, about themselves, their lives, their careers, their leadership, and/or their relationships. If they could change it themselves, they would. And often our clients can’t change what they are wanting to change because they can’t see what’s getting in their way.  

Oftentimes, what's in their way — the obstacle lying between where, how, and who they are and where, how, and who they want to be — is some aspect of themselves.


Our Team

Alison Whitmire, P.C.C, President

Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action, a company committed to revealing derailing blindspots and creating awareness resulting in breakthroughs. She is an authority in the Emotional and Relational Intelligence, which focuses on our innate capacity to be in relationship with others, even in times of conflict and how we can develop that capacity through conscious awareness and intention.

Alison is a Professional Certified Coach, a Master EQ Practitioner and a Certified Narrative Coach. She has thousands of hours of experience coaching CEOs and business owners. She is certified as a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher and is currently enrolled in a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training program. Alison is a TEDx speaker and a 3 time TEDx Conference organizer.

Dana Beasley, Director of Customer Experience

Dana is committed to creating a culture of community for Learning in Action on a global scale. She serves as the Customer Experience Director and supports through branding and experience analysis.

Sarah Bush, Training Coordinator

Sarah has a passion for helping people extend their learning and development while supporting Learning in Action as their Training Coordinator. You can reach her at should you have any questions related to training, certification, or development opportunities.

Sherryl Christie, Master Practitioner

Sherryl has over 10 years of dedicated experience administering and interpreting the EQ Profile through Learning in Action. She is a certified Master Practitioner and assists with EQ Certification training as a teacher.

Bonnie Hovel, Master Practitioner

Bonnie has years of dedicated experience administering and interpreting the EQ Profile through Learning in Action. She is a certified Master Practitioner and assists with EQ Certification training as a teacher.

Ken Kido, Business Development and Operations

Ken is co-owner of Learning in Action Technologies and a highly accomplished executive with 30+ years of leading organizations through major transformations and strategic shifts. Ken has the unique ability to engage employees at all levels and across all differences through his servant leadership style.

Denisse Lebron, Digital Marketing Director

Denisse is a creative and results-focused marketing and growth strategist with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. She supports the Learning in Action brand behind-the-scenes through digital marketing.