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How to Fill Your Unused Coaching Capacity

October 11, 2018

Last week, we at Learning in Action, turned our attention to what we could do to help you fill your unused coaching capacity. (That time when you could be and would want to be coaching, if you had the coachees to fill it.) We are passionate about helping coaches thrive in their chosen profession.  

And we believe that both coachees and coaches can languish because of the challenges in finding each other. Marketing, sales and promotion are not necessarily a strong suit for many coaches. And most coachees don’t know the first thing about coaching, coaches, what they are looking for or where to find them.

That’s why we hosted our monthly podinar, Coaching At Capacity: How to Fill Your Calendar with Paid Coaching Time. We invited Chip Carter, Senior Advisor with LeaderJam and the Institute of Coaching, to talk with us about platforms that match coaches to coachees. If you’d like to watch and/or listen to our 90 minute conversation, you can tune in here.

Note: We’re grateful to Chip Carter for providing all the platform information in our podinar, and for verifying the information. This blog is based on that information.


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Special FREE Podinar: “What They Don’t Teach in Most Coaching Schools: Exploring the Gap Between Coach Training and Market Demand”

June 22, 2018

Please join us for a special podinar for Executive Coaches on
What They Don’t Teach In Most Coaching Schools:
Exploring the Gap
Between Coach Training
and Market Demand
with guest Dave Buck, CEO of CoachVille
presented by Alison Whitmire, PCC and President of Learning in Action.

FRI. JULY 13, 2018
8:30-10:00 am PT / 11:30-1:00 am ET
Session will be recorded.
Register here.

Join us for this Learning in Action podinar where Alison Whitmire will be joined by Dave Buck, CEO of CoachVille, for a wide-ranging conversation about what our coaching clients are wanting from us and how we meet their needs.

  • In this Podinar, We’ll Explore:
  • The definition of coaching and who says so
  • What most coach training programs prepare us for (and what they don’t)
  • What the market is asking for from coaches
  • The gap between how we are trained as coaches and what the market wants
  • Giving clients what they say they want – or not
  • The role of individual expertise in coaching
  • Complementary skills coaches would benefit from developing
  • Identification of a target market
  • Coaching to improve performance

What You’ll Get from Listening:

  • Suggestions for how to position yourself to attract more clients
  • Possibilities for how to fill the gap between what you were trained to do and what your clients are asking for
  • Approaches for coaching for performance
  • Tips for selling more services

*** Ask your questions when you register or during the live event. We’ll get to as many as we can!***



*** Ask your questions when you register or during the live event. We’ll get to as many as we can. ***

We hope you’ll join us!

Alison Whitmire
President | Learning in Action

Psst…What’s a podinar? A podinar is a mashup of the best parts of a podcast and a webinar. You’ll listen in on a fascinating interview with a seasoned coach, be able to engage and interact by asking questions of our presenter and audience. 

Dave Buck is a transformational business coach for leaders, author of Dream Team Coach, and CEO of CoachVille, LLC.

Alison Whitmire is president of Learning in Action. Alison is a PCC, certified and credentialed Executive Coach to CEOs. She is a professional speaker, TEDx organizer, and weekly blogger. 

Learning in Action’s podinars are moderated by Alison Whitmire, president of Learning in Action.

The intention of our podinars is to support anyone who works in a coaching role supporting others:

  • To provide the best coaching possible
  • To make a thriving, successful living
  • To embrace their innate uniqueness

We offer individuals, teams, and organizations effective tools and methods for enhancing Emotional Intelligence in relationship, in conflict, in real-time. Serving leadership development professionals and executive coaches worldwide.

– YAY! THIS PODINAR WILL BE RECORDED. ONLY REGISTRANTS RECEIVE RECORDING. So REGISTER NOW, whether or not you can attend live. The day following the event, watch for an email with a link to the recorded podinar.

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Want More Clients? Articulate Who You Work with and Why

April 12, 2018


I’d rather listen to this than read it.


I had just moved with my family to Washington, DC, for my husband’s job. Other than my family, I didn’t know a soul in the DC metro area. (OK, well, there was this one guy I’d met at a TEDActive Conference one time, but otherwise, no one.) I was starting from scratch….again.

I’d left a thriving network and strong coaching practice back in Seattle. I was still mourning the loss of my friends, clients and community, when a friend I hadn’t seen in years came to visit. We were on the metro, on our way to the Smithsonian, when she asked me what I was doing now. I don’t remember exactly what I said. It was extemporaneous. It was something like, “I help CEOs and entrepreneurs connect with what gives their lives meaning and purpose and support them in expressing that in their business.”

As I was expanding on that, a man sitting near us said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry for interrupting. But, I overheard what you said you do  and… I need that.” He became my first client in DC. He could see himself in how I described what I do. (more…)

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