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Ian Munro

Leading Essentially

Alberta & British Columbia
(403) 510-5733

Ian is a leadership and vitality coach with a primary passion for working with senior professionals who wish to improve their connection to and vitality in their career, wishing to make a transition to a meaningful and rewarding retirement or wishing to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Ian’s love for this work developed naturally over his 25 year career as an executive and leader in the IT services industry in various capacities. Coaching is an expression of Ian’s purpose statement to “shift the lives of people to the possibility of living and leading essentially”.

Ian has extensive experience as an executive spanning many areas of business and holds certifications in coaching from The Hudson Institute of Coaching, International Coach Federation and Learning In Action. Ian is also a past member of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants.

Tracey Martin - B. Comm, PCC

Tracey Martin Coaching

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tracey is passionately curious about people and about the world in which we live. A true explorer, she has journeyed overland all the way around the globe, including driving a motorcycle sidecar rig from Canada to Argentina, traveling from Argentina to England aboard a cargo ship and driving an auto rickshaw across the Indian subcontinent. She’s learned a lot and developed some unique skills along the way, now applying these while working collaboratively with leaders, coaches and individuals to

• Identify and live their values
• Uncover blind spots
• Develop success strategies allowing them to maximize their inherent strengths

Tracey supports continuous growth and development. Her collaborative approach assists clients to strengthen their abilities and create fulfillment during times of transition. Tracey is also experienced in designing organizational development frameworks, customized curriculum and tools to facilitate shifts within organizations and their people.

Tracey’s clients benefit from her twenty-five years of leadership experience within human resources, business development and customer service. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, focusing on Human Resources, Marketing and Legal Studies. A graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, Tracey is both a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Tracey has served as President on the Board of Directors of International Coach Federation, Calgary Charter Chapter. She is a certified facilitator of the Manager-as-Coach Learning Series and a certified practitioner of various assessment tools.

Tracey is the Director of People and Culture at Jayman BUILT, Alberta’s largest new home builder. She is also an independent executive, leadership and career coach for business professionals in transition or working toward great career achievement and fulfillment. Tracey is a volunteer with the United Way’s GAIN Team, providing executive coaching to the leaders of United Way funded agencies.

Jacqueline Peters - B.Sc., M.Ed., DProf, CHRP, PCC

Leadership, Team, and Relationship Specialist, InnerActive Leadership Associates Inc.

Calgary, AB
(403) 585-4592

Jacqueline collaborates with leaders to develop their individual and team leadership abilities to achieve maximum results. Drawing upon wisdom and knowledge gained from working with hundreds of leaders, she provides insightful coaching that focuses on actions and accountability. Her coaching clients have achieved greater success in areas such as change leadership, team development, communication skills, conflict management, personal energy management, influence skills, and maximizing different styles. Jacqueline supports leaders to identify and develop their own personal leadership brand, to build their leadership toolkits, and to identify and achieve the success measures that will drive their business results.

Jacqueline has a strong portfolio of experience over 25 years, both as an internal and external organizational and leadership development specialist. In her organizational effectiveness roles, Jacqueline has helped define and implement strategies for corporate wide leadership development and succession management for large international companies during times of intense change. As an external team and leadership coach and specialist for the past 11+ years, Jacqueline has worked in the oil and gas, retail, financial and telecommunication sectors.

Jacqueline has completed a B.Sc., a Diploma in Career Development, a M.Ed., a doctorate (DProf) in Leadership and Coaching, along with training in numerous assessment tool certifications. She is a professional certified coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Jacqueline is Past-President of the Calgary Association of Professional Coaches (CAPC). She is currently writing a third book called, High Performance Relationships: The Heart and Science Behind Success at Work and Home, and is co-author of two books on team effectiveness:

50 Tips for Terrific Teams: Proven Strategies for Building High Performance Teams

High Performance Team Coaching: A Comprehensive System for Leaders and Coaches

Jennifer Powter - MSc., CSEP-CEP, CPCC

Weight Loss & Fitness Expert

Calgary, AB

2-time Ironman athlete, 5-time marathon-runner & weight loss + fitness expert Jennifer Power could train Olympic athletes — if she wanted to. Happily for us, she doesn’t. Instead, Jennifer coaches regular people with imperfect lives who want to look + feel amazing — and find out what their bodies are capable of.

Jennifer is interested in full life transformation – renovating your body, refining your diet, reframing your thoughts, tuning into your emotions, renegotiating your relationships, and reinventing your whole lifestyle – in a way that’s playful, inspiring, structured + sane.

She loves working with regular, normal people. People juggling kids, careers, mortgages, taxes, and the trials + tribulations of everyday life. People who might not want to run a marathon (yet!) but who want to look and feel their best. People who crack jokes, work hard, and really — truly — want o make some pro-active health and wellness changes. People like me. People like you.

With her tried-and-tested whole life health system — ENERGY to Thrive™ — Jennifer takes the science of transformation and breaks it down into six empowering steps: Exercise, Nutrition, Emotions, Relationships, Goals & You. It’s physical, mental + emotional reinvention for non-athletes + very-busy people — made playful, inspiring + simple.

If you’ve been struggling with your health or if your weight has been holding you back from living your best life then go to her website and sign up for her ebook “5 Ways to Outsmart Your Fat Cells & Lose Weight Today”. You’ll be glad you did! Jennifer’s blends hard science with the transformative power of coaching. The result? Changes that stick.

Practitioner Network: Canada