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4 Ways You Can Practice Meditation

April 3, 2020

For most of us, when someone tells us to meditate, the first thing that comes to mind is sitting in stillness, legs crossed and our hands in Chin Mudra (your index finger connected with your thumb, forming a “seal” or circle). Meditation is actually a broader concept and can be done in a number of ways. 

Meditation is a practice of creating a state of self that is aware and calm and allows you to be present and mindful of what is.  Once you have an understanding of this broader concept you can consider doing almost anything from a meditative state. 

As I’ve learned more and more about this broader concept of meditation, I realized that one way I meditate is by taking a walk every morning. I wake up early in the morning before my kids are up and I walk my dog. I love feeling the cool morning breeze and looking at the different colors created by the sunrise against the clouds. This moment gives me a state of calm and awareness and it’s a daily practice.

You may already be doing things that are a form of meditation practice or maybe you haven’t found an activity that gives you that state of calm and awareness yet. Here four ways you can practice meditation:


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Going Virtual Not Viral — A Roundup of Resources

March 20, 2020

Situations like the one we are now living through are why the acronym VUCA was created. No doubt, we are living in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times.

And when the VUCA hits the fan, we at Learning in Action want to be in it with you, supporting you through it.

This last week we had a call, Going Virtual Not Viral, because now more than ever as we are physically disconnected, it’s important to maintain an emotional connection and support one another.

During this interactive call we discussed:

  • Taking our coaching virtual (if we haven’t already)
  • How to continue supporting the clients we’ve had to discontinue coaching
  • Using this time to our advantage professionally
  • Supporting ourselves during this challenging time
  • Banding together to support each other


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An Overview of the EQ Profile [Infographic]

March 16, 2020

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The Information and Gifts of Emotions

February 25, 2020

Whether our clients say it or not, how they feel about what they bring to us for coaching plays an essential role in the coaching itself.

That said, it isn’t always straightforward as to how to coach our clients around their feelings. Some clients discount the importance of their feelings, some clients don’t have ready access to their feelings, and others simply don’t have a language for what they feel.

By request, we created this primer for you to facilitate coaching your clients around emotions.  Share the context below and the downloadable emotions guide with your clients to help them understand the role emotions play in their lives, the importance of accessing them, and a language to use to identify and talk about them. (more…)

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5 Signs Your Clients are Asking for the EQP

February 19, 2020

Do you use the EQ Profile with everyone you work with?  I don’t.  (Uh oh.  Maybe I shouldn’t admit that). I do use the EQ Profile with every team I work with because I want to know what I’m getting myself into when I challenge them. (See an example of our new EQ Playbook for Teams here).  And I don’t use the EQ Profile right out of the gate with every coaching client.  I want to look for signs that the client is essentially asking for EQ Profile before I introduce them to it.

When I say asking for it, I mean that my clients expect me to help them see what they can’t see about themselves.  And when a client’s blindspots become apparent to me (and not so much to them), I’ve found that is the ideal time to introduce the EQ Profile to them, to help them see themselves more fully.


Discover How to Uncover Your Client’s Blindspots and Hidden Patterns, Deepen Your Client Relationships, and Help Your Clients Achieve Their Goals Faster. Click here to join our free “Go Deeper Faster” on-demand webinar.


Here are five signs or indications that a client is “asking” for the EQ Profile by how they are showing up in the coaching:


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