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About Us

Learning In Action Technologies offers individuals, teams, and organizations effective tools and methods for enhancing Emotional Intelligence in relationship, real-time. We primarily serve leadership development consultants, executive and life coaches, trainers, educators, and leaders who understand a key role they play is in developing individuals and teams to be their best.

Our assessment tools, publications, and consulting/training programs are used throughout the world by practitioners in their coaching, consulting, and team development work plus in leadership development programs and graduate education in leadership and management.

Our Emotional Intelligence Work Is Unique And Powerful In Several Ways:

  • It’s all about relationship – EQ is developed, sustained, and increased in relationship
  • It’s all about learning and development – It’s about taking self-responsibility
  • It’s all about learning from experience – Real-Time
  • EQ Fitness Practices provide a foundation for developing EQ Fitness at any age
  • It’s for individuals who are serious about their own development and are committed to be their best

It is widely known that a primary force underlying performance problems is the lack of well developed emotional intelligence; individually, in teams, and organization wide. The core capacities of self-reflection, self-regulation, and empathy are the foundational building blocks of emotional intelligence and fuel essential competencies like flexibility, adaptability, resilience, tolerance, and the ability to remain highly effective under challenging situations. Research continues to document the impact highly developed or underdeveloped emotional intelligence has on the bottom-line performance of the individual and the organization. This is particularly true for leaders and anyone who manages people.

Learning In Action Technologies’ products and services incorporate real-time learning with focused self and team development practices which will enhance individual and organizational performance.

Learning In Action Technologies Tools and Services:

  • EQ In Action Profile An emotional intelligence assessment tool
  • The Right Choice A real-time behavioral interviewing tool to assess a emotional competence
  • EQ Specialty Training Programs
  • Awareness Lessons: Self-Mastery: The Key to Productive Relationships
  • MASTER TeleClass Series for coaches & consultants
    • Developing Empathy
    • Working with Anger
    • Working with Fear
    • Building Trust in Self and Other
  • EQ In Action Profile Certification Programs
    • Distance Learning Option
    • 2-Day Onsite Certification
  • Presentations on Emotional Intelligence One hour to one day experiences
  • Books – Publications – Articles on Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Relationships

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Obtain a copy of our 24 page widely read Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace. This gives a thorough overview of Emotional Intelligence with daily practice that can create powerful change. Click Here