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Cover: A Special Kind Of Leadership: The Key To Learning Organizations, by Ronald R. Short, PhD

A Special Kind Of Leadership: The Key To Learning Organizations

This 58 page book approaches leadership from a systems perspective, providing a solid theoretical basis for the need for openness and learning. “No one leads… unless others follow” and therefore “in critical ways, the designated leader is dependent.”

The book confronts the dilemma of the dependent leader by placing responsibility for experience, and the skills needed to learn from the experience, in the hands of the individual learner. Learn why openness, and learning from others, are critical to the team’s productivity. This book is ideal in building the foundation for team building.

Ronald R. Short, PhD, Published by Learning in Action Technologies. Available on Kindle.


EQ Fitness Handbook: You in Relationship

This EQ Fitness Handbook is written for individuals who are serious about their own development and who want to build effective relationships, both personally and professionally. The handbook gives and overview of emotional intelligence plus a brief description of Self-Reflection, Empathy, and Self-Management, which make up the core capacities of emotional intelligence. It then provides 300 specific daily practices, which are organized by each dimension of emotional intelligence. Research has proven that disciplined, focused practice can literally change our brains and our ability to create and sustain effective relationships. Simple, disciplined practice can be transformational!

Janet L. Johnson, MA, Published by Learning in Action Technologies. Available on Amazon.

Cover: Learning in Relationship: Foundation for Personal & Professional Success, by Ronald R. Short, PhD

Learning in Relationship: Foundation for Personal & Professional Success

The reader is immersed in the awareness, concepts, and skills to respond to the following truths:

  • Communicating is not about doing it right the first time. It is about learning from each other especially when communications go wrong.
  • The information we need to learn is always present, all the time, always here and now.

The book starts with a series of short thinking lessons which help the reader locate the source of the communication problem not within the other person, but inside oneself. With the appropriate responsibility assigned inside the individual, the reader is then shown how to learn from within oneself, with the other person, and from the larger system.

Learning in Relationship provides the theoretical foundation to prepare participants in all Learning In Action Technologies programs.


I was given your book (Learning in Relationships) by a friend, Paco Valencia, and graduate of the AU MSOD program. It’s life changing and thank you for putting your wisdom into words that the world can not only read, but feel and choose to be different.

– Tony Bennae Richard, 2/20/14

Ronald R. Short, PhD, Published by Learning in Action Technologies. Available on Amazon.

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