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EQ Certification Training

EQ Certification Training

Discover How to Uncover Your Client’s Hidden Patterns, Deepen Your Client relationships, and Help Your Clients Achieve Their Goals Faster

It can be difficult to help our clients see how they are getting in the way of their own success. The EQ Profile provides both individuals and teams with an awareness of and a unique insight into what’s going on beneath the surface and how their internal reactions to stress might be derailing their progress.

Because the EQ Profile provides coach and client alike with an rare peek at what is going on “under the hood” of the client, it creates an opening for a delicate intimacy between the two. And when honored and shared, that intimacy forms the foundation of a competent compassionate connection in which the coach can help the client move forward faster.

During our 2-day training and follow on additional virtual trainings, you can learn how to use the EQ Profile to see what’s going on “under the hood” of your client and how you can use it to deepen your client relationship.

At this event, you will be able to:

    • Develop a fresh and unique perspective on emotional intelligence
    • Learn the neuroscience behind how we make meaning of stressful interactions with others
    • Understand how the EQ Profile can be used and interpreted to better understand that dynamic
    • Receive certification in using and interpreting the results of the EQ Profile with your own clients
    • Learn in a fun, collaborative environment with other professionals while sharing and learning best practices from leading practitioners

By attending, you can fully grasp how you can use the EQ Profile to help your clients to quickly dive into their internal landscape. You will also learn how to dramatically reduce the time wasted working on the surface and deliver them faster results.

Learning In Action holds these sessions on a limited basis every year. For additional information on this event, visit our schedule or click the link below to register now and claim your spot.

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

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