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Larry Briggs

Briggs Consulting

Hillsboro, OR

Larry Briggs is president and founder of V2A Consulting (previously Briggs
Consulting); a management consulting firm specializing in helping business
leaders initiate growth and manage change. During the last eighteen years of
practice he has personally coached and trained hundreds, including CEOs and
their management teams and various executive groups.

As a specialist in discovering “what works” in business Larry began
his research to discover the fundamental forces at work in organizations that
influence both human behavior and business success. In this research he
discovered the “Five Business Forces” and then developed a leadership
change methodology he has labeled Vision to Action, or V2A. In this change
model ten important elements that support leadership and change initiatives are
presented, the first of which is Inspiring Personal Vision. As Larry has
applied and developed V2A over the years, he has innovated a number of products
and processes that “Build Leaders for Life”. It is his philosophy
that leading organizations are build upon individual leaders within
organizations, and that leadership is both a talent and a skill that can be

In his role as an executive coach he works with leaders to discover their
strengths using 360 feedback instruments and Emotional Intelligence Assessments.
The latest research shows that EQ (the ability to work at a level of emotional
awareness with others) is more powerful than IQ, or specific product knowledge
in producing results in and through others. Now Vision to Action links to the
power of being emotionally aware and skilled to bring all the power offered by
EQ into the V2A leadership model.

Our focus is on developing leaders and leadership skills to compete in
today’s global marketplace where change has become the norm. This includes
improving communications, teamwork, work processes, and the ability to produce
desired results. Our specialty is helping organizations create their shared
vision and values, and to develop the means of making vision a reality.

Denise Holmes

Holmes Street Leadership Consulting, LLC

Portland, OR
503-719-7462 (office) / 503-358-1939 (mobile)

Tracey Parsons

Oregon Health & Science University

Portland, OR

Charlene Phipps

Innovative Human Dynamics

McKenzie Bridge, OR

Charlene J. Phipps is the founder of Innovative Human Dynamics, a Pacific Northwest training and consulting group that builds organizational success by improving “the human side of business.” Her passion is coaching individual, teams and organizations to develop authentic relationships that foster effective communication, teamwork, leadership and change. Charlene has a master’s degree in public management and organizational development from the University of Oregon. She is the author of What’s Your Relationship Style survey and learning tools. In addition to her coaching and consulting practice, Charlene is a workshop and conference presenter and writer on developing authentic and effective relationships in the community and workplace.

Shelley Simon - PhD

Independent Consultant

Portland, OR

Michelle Sosinski

Sosinski Coaching, LLC

Portland, OR

Coaching executives and leaders is a role Michelle has taken seriously for almost three decades. She takes pride in the partnership with her clients, the insights they gain and the success they achieve. Her approach to coaching has been honed through years of business experience, education and personal day-to-day learning experiences.

Early on Michelle recognized the pressures that accompany the life of an executive. Organizational change, business process complexities, competitive threats, technology, doing business in a global economy and employee morale are all challenges that leaders face everyday in their careers. These pressures can be intense. Life can be intense. Working with Michelle can take you from where you are to where you aspire to be.

About Michelle:

Michelle Sosinski is the founder and executive coach of Michelle Sosinski Coaching, LLC. After a rewarding career as a Senior Human Resource professional with Nike, Inc., she now helps coach her clients to discover meaning and purpose in their personal and professional lives.

Michelle cares about the success of her clients. She guides each client by utilizing her positive, thoughtful and attentive style. She is driven by curiosity, problem-solving and utilizes her gifts of intuition, listening, empathy and creativity to help her clients gain new perspectives on leadership effectiveness, team building, transition management and career navigation.

Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Oregon and extensive executive education. She deepened her skills in leadership and broadened her coaching expertise through the certification program at The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. She is also certified to administer several different leadership and personality assessments. As part of her community contributions she is a member of the Board of Directors for the Women’s Center for Leadership.