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Karl Grass

Karl Grass Coaching and Consulting

Sarasota, FL

What I Believe:
Individuals and teams perform best when they are acting from their natural way of being – when their actions align with their purpose, core values, and style. Being authentic carries great power and is the best foundation for making purposeful change and creating success – and it’s a lot more enjoyable! Change that is rooted to what is inside ourselves is change that lasts. That’s why my coaching is all about supporting you in finding your own best way to succeed. Good coaching is about helping you find the way forward without answers being fed or forced upon you. Good coaching isn’t about fixing problems, it’s about helping you find the best answers for you, using your own strengths and beliefs. Awareness of our emotional intelligence can be a great source of information to help create meaningful change in our lives.
My Background:
I come to coaching via the corporate world; as a start-up entrepreneur, a worldwide partner in Arthur Andersen, and as a successful general manager of multiple technology businesses ranging in size from a few million to $265 million with companies such as Sage and Intuit.

Along the way, I’ve had the good fortune to work for, and with, some of the best business leaders and coaches in the world. I have been fortunate to see the best at work up close and have learned invaluable lessons from them.

My coaching background blends these experiences with formal training and study at The Hudson Institute, a leader in coaching education since 1986.