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Gilmore Crosby - MSW

Crosby & Associates

Newark, DE

Upon earning his MSW, Gil teamed up with his father, Robert P. Crosby, in 1984, and has been active in the field of organizational development ever since. During the past twenty-five years Gil has held internal OD positions with EDS and Peco Nuclear, and several management positions within the human services field. Gil rejoined his father for the third time in 1999, and has been President of Crosby & Associates ever since. He has provided extensive consulting services to a range of organizations, including light manufacturing, publishing, retail, government, software, food processing, utilities, libraries, law enforcement, nonprofit organizations, and heavy industry. Gil has extensive experience in facilitation of cultural change in support of key organizational initiatives, especially technology implementation, cost reduction, productivity increases, and mergers. He also has expertise in change management, leadership development, project management, assessment methodologies (organizational, team, and individual), labor relations, process improvement, training design and delivery, conflict resolution, executive coaching, and team development.

Gil has designed and led numerous trainings, including Tough Stuff (an intensive emotional intelligence and behavioral skills workshop), was lead faculty for the first ever overseas version of Martin University’s High Performance Leadership Program (HPL), and designed and launched the six module Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) during 2008-2009. A second expanded ALP is scheduled to commence in late 2009.

Gil’s first book, Fight, Flight, Freeze: Taming Your Reptilian Brian and other Practical Approaches to Self-Improvement, was published by Eloquent Press in 2008.