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Raphael Amato

L’Arche Canada

Ottawa, ON

Gita Baack

OTI Leadership Consulting

Kanata, ON

Gita Baack is a Process Consultant and Facilitator best known for her
creativity, humour and collaborative style. She holds a Master’s degree in Human
Systems Intervention/Organizational Development. She is the founder of OTI
Leadership Consulting.

Gita sincerely views all people as leaders (after all, don’t we lead our
lives every day) and encourages her clients at all levels to leverage their
power and build their ability to influence. Over 26 years as an internal and
external consultant with the public, technology and not-for profit sector, has
enabled her to develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges of
introducing change initiatives and of implementing strategies to achieve desired

Suchitra Davies-Webb

Toronto, ON

Suchitra is a masterful facilitator and coach in strengths-based leadership development. In part because of her years of experience helping leaders build themselves into even more successful versions of their best selves. In part because she cares deeply about her clients accessing their own truth – and then ensuring they do something about it. And partly because of her style. She is warm and engaging and very authentic.

Her specialty is working with emerging leaders to help them better understand themselves and each other and what is possible for them to build. So the focus can be just on individual leadership development with the group holding each other accountable or can be an intact team learning how to more effectively work together despite differences. EQ in Action is one of the most recent additions to the toolkit she uses to support the growth of her individual clients.

Jackie Lauer

Axletree Consulting

Waterloo, ON

Jackie Lauer is a partner with Axletree Consulting Inc. and has worked in human and organizational development for over 16 years as a leader and now as a trainer, consultant and coach. She assists individuals, work teams, and organizations to manage change and maximize personal and team effectiveness and improve alignment. She is trained in large scale systems change management, coaching, emotional intelligence and relationship systems theory.

Genevieve Moore

Independent Consultant

Ottawa, ON

Judith Newland

Axeltree Consulting

Ottawa, ON