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Free Guides and Whitepapers

The Role of Emotions Ebook

Download this free primer for you to facilitate coaching your clients around their emotions. Download and share this free emotions guide with your clients to help them understand the role emotions play in their lives, the importance of accessing them, and a language to use to identify and talk about them.

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The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Blindspots — Yours and Your Clients

Discover what most coaches miss about themselves AND their clients. Download your free guide now to learn about how coaching blindspots form, how coaches get in the way of coaching, how clients get in their own way, how to spot and coach your clients through their blindspots, and much more!

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Whitepaper

Get our 24-page widely-read Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace whitepaper. This thorough overview of Emotional Intelligence for leaders and practitioners includes daily practices that can create powerful change for better working relationships.

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The Power of Story In Coaching

See your coachee’s stories in a new light. Playing with characters, metaphors, and language can be really fun and invigorating for both coach and coachee. And these approaches to coaching are simple to apply and can create surprisingly fast and robust outcomes. This free bundle includes examples of how narrative coaching plays out in a coaching session, including playing with charactersmetaphors, and language.

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Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Obtain a copy of our 24 page widely read Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace. This gives a thorough overview of Emotional Intelligence with daily practice that can create powerful change. Click Here