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Client Comments

This tool, above all others, stands-out as the single most valuable instrument to the leaders and leadership teams I serve. The EQ In Action Profile offers leaders a laser-like focus on how to take their leadership to the next level of excellence.

Gene Mendoza
Senior Manager Leadership & Organization Development
US Cellular

I love working with this EQ Profile for several reasons:

  • It’s efficient and effective in building the client relationship because it helps identify the client’s issue immediately so both of us can get to work.
  • It’s accurate and business-oriented.
  • It does not label people but shows their patterns of behavior under stress, which is the first step in becoming critically aware of one’s own emotional safety
  • It creates a learning pathway for the client and me

Anthony Perez
Return on Learning Coaching

I use the Learning in Action EQ Profile with all of my executive coaching clients. In conjunction with stakeholder interviews, the LIA tool enables us to identify the most meaningful and transformative goals for improving their leadership effectiveness. I have not yet had a client who hasn’t rated the Profile as an important part of their growth and development. The only caution I would offer, is to ensure the person who is facilitating the conversation about the Profile is well-skilled. The information in the Profile is deep and the potential implications for development are evident…if the connections between the EQ dimensions are well understood and compassionately communicated.

This tool is a gift to coaches. I am extremely grateful that it is available and that there is ongoing training available through Learning in Action to continue to deepen my skills in both interpretation and communication of the Profile ‘results.’

Sherryl Christie-Bierschenk
Best Practice Inc

Most of my executive coaching clients are familiar with the term “emotional intelligence”. The EQ-in-Action tool allows them to understand their own emotional intelligence at a very deep level and provides us with good insights during the coaching engagement. Additionally, the tool helps us in our work together to develop a personalized action as the coachee strives to be a better leader in the business world.

Andrea Gallien
Managing Director
GlobalStar Coaching and Consulting, LLC

For years, the EQ Profile has been my ‘go-to’ assessment in my various roles as executive coach and corporate manager of leadership and learning. I go to the EQ Profile when other assessments have gone as far as they can yet leave valuable information outside the coaching conversation, or when teams need a boost in their ability to perform. I also use it for me, to continue to grow in self-awareness. Here’s the headline: emotions are facts that really matter. Thank you, LiAT, for bringing this home to so many of us.

Harry Hutson
Leadership and Organizational Development
Devon Energy Corporation

R. W. Benwick Associates have been utilizing the EQ In Action instrument with our executive coaching clients around the world for years and have consistently received very powerful feedback on the dramatic impact it has had on their leadership and personal effectiveness on both the top and bottom lines of their organizations. Our clients are always in awe of the instrument’s accuracy, the clarity of feedback provided and the support given through EQ Fitness Handbook made available them. The EQ In Action Profile has become our number one psychometric assessment and highly value it because of the tremendously positive feedback from our corporate sponsors on the positive changes demonstrated by their participating executives. The enthusiastic and highly responsive support from the Learning In Action professionals is second to none. We feel this assessment is a must for those wanting to build and sustain a powerful practice, be you an internal or external coach/consultant.

R. W. (Bob) Benwick
Professor & Faculty Member, School of Business, Kwantlen University
R. W. Benwick Associates

I am forever indebted to you for the certification that I completed many years ago. It has been a value add in my career with my clients and most especially in my life. Today I am blessed with a business that includes EQ in Action, formally and informally and wherever possible. I am often referring clients to your book, your tools and your website.

Jackie Lauer
Jackie Lauer

Working with individual professionals, emerging and high potential executive leaders who are committed to growth, change and personal effectiveness, I focus on the client’s Emotional Intelligence. Consistently I hear, how accurately the EQ in Action Profile pinpoints areas for developmental practice, inspires insight, self-awareness, a willingness to look deeper into themselves, thoughtfully build trust and authentic relationships, while linking goals to desired outcomes.

Mary Eshenko
Victoria, BC

You guys are doing an amazing, cutting-edge work that is new, powerful, and what is really needed today. It’s a real contribution to the field. This is the most powerful assessment tool I have ever used with my coaching clients and with my team development work. This has become a core focus of my work with executives.

Marie MacDonald
Management Consultant
BC, Canada

Without doubt, Emotional Intelligence In Action tools and methodology represent a very powerful way to assess and strengthen key aspects of emotional intelligence. I’ve found The EQ In Action Profile provides clients with key insights into their behavior patterns and enable them to engage in more productive and satisfying relations with others. The certification workshop is highly recommended – a great way to “jump” start your orientation to the background concepts, assessment tools, and the coaching process.

Scott Borland
CYGNUS Management Consultants

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

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