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Developing Your Thought Leadership | Heal The Divide Podinar

July 27, 2020


“You can’t be a thought leader by writing one blog post. You can’t be a thought leader by writing lots and lots of stuff about various different things. You can’t be an inch deep. So I think number one is to find your lane.” — Peter Winick

As we experience a major transformation in the way we work and live, it’s a critical time for us as coaches to focus on thought leadership to share bold new ideas and to clarify and differentiate our value to clients. 

With that in mind, Alison Whitmire, President of Learning In Action, connects with guest Peter Winick, founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage, for June’s Heal The Divide Podinar to learn more about how to define and develop thought leadership.

Winick is an expert in the space, helping individuals and organizations build and grow revenue streams by designing and developing their thought leadership platforms. His clients include New York Times bestselling book authors, members of the Speakers’ Hall of Fame, Thinkers50 award recipients, CEOs of publicly and privately held companies and academics from institutions such as Yale, Wharton, Dartmouth and the London School of Business. (more…)

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Taming Your Gremlin with Rick Carson | Heal The Divide Podinar

July 1, 2020

“Like a sculptor sees something within a stone, starts to chip away at it to reveal something beautiful, your gremlin is the stone that ends up on the floor. Gremlin taming is not about the gremlin, it’s about revealing that thing inside that is the natural you, the essence of the natural you.” – Rick Carson

What is a gremlin, and how do you find yours and tame it? In this episode, Alison engages with guest Rick Carson, an esteemed author, personal and executive coach, psychotherapist and consultant, to learn how his method can help us as individuals and as coaches.

Carson has conducted workshops with organizations in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. He is the author of four HarperCollins books. His seminal work, Taming Your Gremlin, has been translated into 12 languages and has been a top seller for HarperCollins Publishers for 35 years. He’s a past faculty member at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and founder of the Gremlin Taming Institute of Dallas, Texas.

Introduction to Gremlins

We all have a gremlin, that vicious, bullying voice inside our minds that’s intent on making us miserable. It has a fear-inducing power over us that keeps us from being at peace and living to our potential. If it isn’t acknowledged and tamed, it will keep its control, holding us back from making the changes necessary to achieve our goals.

Carson also clarifies what a gremlin is not. “Your gremlin is not your negative thoughts; your gremlin is not your traumatic past experiences; your gremlin is not even the horror movies in your head. Your gremlin is that thing, that part of you, actually, that really uses those things to eat your lunch, to squelch the vibrant soul within.” 

Carson says he gets asked a lot where it comes from and answers, “I don’t know, and neither does anybody else, but I have never met anybody who doesn’t have that duality. It’s a huge gift, from my experience, to be able to tame that thing on the spot. You just have a lot more pleasurable moments.”

The way we discover it and what activates it — simply noticing — is a key part of the method to tame it, Carson says. (more…)

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Team Coaching: Applying Individual Coaching Techniques to Team Coaching | Heal The Divide Podinar

May 26, 2020

“The idea that you would stop a meeting and have [the team] observe themselves … is pretty shocking at first. It drives a sense of curiosity through self-observation that has the client want to experiment with what’s possible. What could we do? Then realize that they actually have their own solutions.”

~Alexander Caillet


What is team coaching and how does it compare with other areas of team development? Alison Whitmire of Learning in Action delves into the heart of the team coaching framework with her guest, Alexander Caillet, CEO of Corentus and faculty member of Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership.

Caillet is “a true pioneer in this field of team coaching. He’s worked with more than 120 teams in over 30 countries for over the last 22 years,” observing and finding ways to create a framework to continue refining and improving the process.

Where Coaching Fits Into Team Development

Coaches and consultants work with teams in a variety of modalities. Caillet differentiates four of them by the professional’s involvement and the context of the interactions.

  • Team Consulting: A consultant gives advice, shares best practices, research and actually tells the team what they should or could do.
  • Team Facilitation: A facilitator guides the work session. They create the space, structure good methodologies and can take their client through a process to get an output.
  • Team Training: A trainer teaches a team a set of skills — or leads them through knowledge-building sessions, curricula, simulations, or role-plays.
  • Team Coaching: Alternatively, a coach observes a team as they do real work. As the team works, the coach quietly observes, gathers data and then feeds that data back to the team. The team hears the data and acts without the coach needing to fix, drive or manage the change for them.


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FREE Podinar: Mindfulness Coaching: The New MBA – Mastering Being and Awareness

March 15, 2019


Learning in Action’s Live Monthly Podinar Championing Transformative Change

FRI. APRIL 26, 2019. 800-9:00 am PT / 11:00-12:00 noon ET

with guest Dr. Steve Romano
Executive Coach, Managing Director of Olistica and the Center for Sustainable Leadership

Join Steve Romano and Alison Whitmire, president of Learning in Action, for discussion and Q&A around mindfulness coaching, and how a proven methodology for this expansive way of operating is critical for 21st century leaders and coaches.

This podinar (interactive podcast+webinar) will cover topics like these:
– What Being and Awareness is, and the outcomes or results they produce
– The 5 components of Being: breath, energy, investigate, navigate, generate.
– The Triple Loop Listening Model
– The Six-Point Transformational Coaching Model

You will leave with tools and new ideas of how you can use Mindfulness Coaching to help your coachees to experience a new level of leadership that leads to deeper, more transformative change.


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FREE Podinar: Coaching for Distributed Leadership / Developing Connected Leaders at All Levels Who Think Strategically

February 27, 2019


Learning in Action’s Live Monthly Podinar for Executive Coaches

WED. MARCH 13, 2019. 11:00-12:00 noon PT / 2:00-3:00 pm ET

with guest Dr. Simon Western
Founder of the fields of Eco-Leadership & Analytic-Network Coaching, developing leaders who are connected and think strategically throughout organizations

Join Simon Western and Alison Whitmire, president of Learning in Action, for discussion and Q&A around coaching for distributed leadership, what it is, and how you can use it to more fully facilitate transformative change in others.

This podinar (interactive podcast+webinar) will cover topics like these:
– How leadership paradigms are changing
– How coaches must coach differently to it
– How and why to shift thinking from individual behaviorism to leaders as connectors in networks

You will leave with tools and new ideas of how you can use Analytic-Network Coaching to help your coachees to experience a new level of leadership that leads to deeper, more transformative change.

*** Ask your questions when you register or during the live event. We’ll get to as many as we can! ***


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