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How to Cultivate Inner Stability | Heal The Divide Podinar

November 17, 2020

What does it mean to cultivate inner stability in these challenging times?

In this session, Alison Whitmire, President of Learning In Action is joined by special guest Sheryl Netzky, for a conversation about how we can make meaning in these times of incredible change, and some experiential practices for connecting with our inner life force energy.

Sheryl Netzky is the founder of Good Energy LLC and the Golden Mind Meditation technique. Sheryl is a combination of a business consultant, executive coach, meditation teacher, and holistic energy healer who helps entrepreneurs, teams, and families connect to themselves and others. Sheryl also facilitates workshops for companies and groups internationally, including thought leaders on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and for the Gates Foundation’s teacher-leaders.


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Trauma and the Coaching Relationship: What’s In the Way Is the Way | Heal The Divide Podinar

October 27, 2020

What is our role as coaches in working with trauma and how can we recognize the signs of trauma in clients?

In this session, Alison Whitmire, President of Learning In Action is joined by special guest Dr. Sean Oakes, for a conversation exploring what trauma looks like and how we can skillfully navigate it in the coaching relationship.

Dr. Sean Oakes is a Buddhist teacher and a performance studies scholar. He works at the intersection of contemplative practice, healing, and social action. Sean has trained to work with trauma and has studied Somatic Experiencing and Organic Intelligence.


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Conscious Leadership for Coaching: Aligning Your Thinking, Caring, and Doing for Meaningful Results | Heal The Divide Podinar

October 19, 2020


“We thrive when we recognize a fundamental interconnectedness of all things in the universe, including all people. And when we can bring that interconnectedness on top of the interpersonal and the internal, we now have some profound leadership opportunities.”  

-Eric Kaufmann

What is conscious leadership and what does it look like in practice? In this session, Alison Whitmire, President of Learning In Action, welcomes guest Eric Kaufmann, founder and president of Sagatica, Inc. for an in-depth conversation about Conscious Leadership and how we can practice it.

Eric Kaufmann is an executive coach, speaker, and author of Four Virtues of a Leader. Nineteen years ago, Eric quit his corporate gig to form an executive development consultancy. He describes his work as an unrelenting commitment to results and an unyielding regard for the human spirit. He is a thought leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, former business chair, and TEDx speaker.

The Foundations of Conscious Leadership

We are at a time in history where religion and government no longer have the influence they once did. Moral authority has transferred over to business and commerce, as these entities have become the shapers of our society. Business leaders are unprepared and often unaware of the role they’re playing as leaders in their organizations and also leaders of humanity. For many, this is a role they didn’t sign up for, yet one that calls them to a new kind of leadership. 

This new call to leadership brings with it the need for us to recognize this truth: Life and leadership itself are fraught with uncertainty. And it is this groundlessness of life that is a significant part of what it means to awaken to being a conscious leader. At its essence, consciousness calls on the leader to engage from a transcendent, life-centered perspective. (more…)

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Narrative Coaching: Bringing New Stories to Life | Heal The Divide Podinar

September 28, 2020


What is a story, and how can stories be integrated into the coaching process to support powerful healing and transformation for our clients? 

Dr. David Drake, joins Alison Whitmire, President of Learning In Action, to discuss the transformative power of stories through an innovative and exploratory coaching technique he created known as narrative coaching.

Dr. David Drake earned his Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University in California, and he is a master coach and thought leader for the Institute of Coaching. He’s the author of “Narrative Coaching: Bringing New Stories to Life,” and his coaching technique, narrative coaching, is offered as a training program through The World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS). 

The Power of Stories

Take a moment to reflect on your childhood. How did you view the world, and how has that perspective changed throughout the years? 

Perceiving the world through the eyes of a child is vastly different than how we view the world as adults. Instead of a path filled with roadblocks and dead ends, children see life as an array of endless possibilities. They dream big, never doubting their potential or how they’ll make an impact on the world. 

As we age, that innocent way of perceiving the world becomes tainted as we consume new information and navigate through different experiences. Our stories change and evolve, and in the process, the stories we once told ourselves as children become a distant past. 

This example illustrates the profound impact stories have on our lives. The stories we tell ourselves define who we arethey make up the core of our identity. Though often unconsciously, we use stories to make sense of the world, justify our decisions, and connect with others.

Have you ever told yourself you aren’t good enough, capable enough, or smart enough? When we create false narratives in our minds, those stories can hold us back from reaching our true potential and leave us feeling unmotivated and stuck in a never-ending cycle. Who would you be if you stopped beating yourself up and started believing in yourself again?


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Developing Your Thought Leadership | Heal The Divide Podinar

July 27, 2020


“You can’t be a thought leader by writing one blog post. You can’t be a thought leader by writing lots and lots of stuff about various different things. You can’t be an inch deep. So I think number one is to find your lane.” — Peter Winick

As we experience a major transformation in the way we work and live, it’s a critical time for us as coaches to focus on thought leadership to share bold new ideas and to clarify and differentiate our value to clients. 

With that in mind, Alison Whitmire, President of Learning In Action, connects with guest Peter Winick, founder and CEO of Thought Leadership Leverage, for June’s Heal The Divide Podinar to learn more about how to define and develop thought leadership.

Winick is an expert in the space, helping individuals and organizations build and grow revenue streams by designing and developing their thought leadership platforms. His clients include New York Times bestselling book authors, members of the Speakers’ Hall of Fame, Thinkers50 award recipients, CEOs of publicly and privately held companies and academics from institutions such as Yale, Wharton, Dartmouth and the London School of Business. (more…)

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