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Sample Email for Clients

Hello [enter your client’s name],

I’m delighted that you are interested in taking the EQ Profile. It provides remarkable insights into self-awareness and what we all unconsciously bring into our professional and personal relationships.

There are two steps to the EQ Profile and debrief process:

Step 1: Take the EQ Profile online.

Step 2: Schedule your 90-minute EQ Profile debrief with [enter Certified Practitioner name], your Certified EQ Practitioner. Please contact [enter Certified Practitioner name] once you’ve completed the profile.

Please read all instructions before proceeding:

The EQ Profile is online. All you will need is a computer with a high-speed internet connection with good bandwidth. (Note: Currently, tablets and mobile phones are not supported.)

IMPORTANT: Please be sure that you’re answering the questions as you, and as if you know the people in the videos. It’s important you bring your authentic self to the profile experience. Also, be sure to take your time with the questions, as it’s not possible to re-take the assessment. If you have questions at any time, don’t hesitate to reach out.

While watching the video segments, lean in towards the screen and visualize yourself in your assigned role. Take off your professional hat. The EQ Profile is not asking you how you would behave. It is asking you to track your personal internal experience and what you think is going on in the person who is talking to you.

Go to URL

Login:  XXXXX [enter your client’s EQ Profile login ‘username’]

Password:  XXXXX [enter your client’s EQ Profile password]

Note:  Login and password are case sensitive. If copy/pasting, take care not to capture any extra ‘blank spaces’ before or after.

If you have a problem accessing the EQ Profile, please call Learning in Action at 206-299-2360 or email for assistance.

Warm regards,

Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

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