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Frequently Asked Questions on EQ Fitness Handbook Change

Q: Why are you no longer mailing a physical copy of the EQFH with my purchase of an EQ Profile?

A: To provide you with more options for providing and delivering the EQFH to your client and to free up our team’s energy from performing time-consuming daily book fulfillment tasks.

Q.  What is the added cost to me with this change?

A. If you want to continue supplying clients with a physical copy of the EQFH, the additional cost to you is approximately $10 per Profile. That is the $14.99 cost of the physical copy of the EQFH  minus the $5 we charged for the shipping/handling of the EQFH. Which can be negated by shipping with Amazon Prime.(See below for more info on Amazon Prime). If you choose to supply your clients with an electronic version of the EQFH, the change is a benefit to you of about $2 per Profile ($5 cost you paid to send the physical EQFH to you or your client less the $2.99 cost of the Kindle version of EQFH).

Q:  Does this mean that I’m making less money when I choose to use the profile with my clients? 

A:  That’s up to you. How you choose to price the Profile and your work around it, is up to every individual EQP Practitioner. The price per Profile has not been raised since 2012 and we are making this change in lieu of raising its price. Hopefully, you’ve raised your rates with your clients since 2012, even though we haven’t.

Q: How can I obtain the EQFH?

A: You can purchase a physical EQFH for $14.99 or a digital Kindle version for $2.99  HERE on Or HERE on for CDN$ 3.99 Kindle and $19.50 physical. If you or your client works in a technology environment that doesn’t support Kindle, you can purchase a PDF of the EQFH for each EQ Profile you purchase for $2.99.

Q: Do I have to (or does my client have to) own a Kindle to read the Kindle version of EQFH?

A: No, a free Kindle application is available for nearly every device/computer. You can download your device’s application HERE.

Q: How do I buy and send my client the Kindle version of the EQFH?

A:  You can easily send your client a Kindle copy as a “Gift”. Please see this VIDEO for instructions how.

Q:  What is Amazon Prime?

A. Amazon Prime is a paid service ($99 per year, plus a free 30-day trial) that gives Amazon shoppers a few distinct advantages. Members of Amazon Prime are eligible for free one- or two-day shipping on most items. You can read more about the US program HERE and the Canada program HERE.

Q: If I order a physical copy of the EQFH on Amazon, will there be shipping costs?

A: Two day shipping is free for Amazon Prime members. You can join Amazon Prime HERE.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member, please consider it. It is an amazing value. And if you do not, you will incur shipping costs.

Q: Can I have a physical copy of the EQFH shipped directly from Amazon to my client?

A: Yes. Simply input their mailing address into the shipping information in Amazon

Q: How will the language regarding the EQFH in the EQ Profile report change?

A: After the first of the year, the EQ Profile report will make the following reference for the EQFH.  You can find practices to develop your EQ Fitness in the EQ Fitness Handbook: You In Relationship-300 Daily Practices to build EQ Fitness. Ask your coach or consultant about how you can get an EQ Fitness Handbook in your desired format.

Q: Does this mean that we need to change the email invitation that we send to clients inviting them to take the profile?

A:  Yes, see the new sample email above.

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