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Training Coordinator (Remote) – Ready to Grow!

Learning in Action
$40,000 – $50,000

Full Time/Remote Position
Some Travel Potential

Position Summary:

Responsible, under minimal supervision, for managing/supporting the operations, logistics, communications and event coordination for a variety of training programs.  Helps to grow our small company and develop themselves. Works well independently. Is described by others as awesome to work with, a quick study, self-directed and consistently exceeding expectations.  (Individuals without these attributes would be unhappy in this role.)

This position is ideal for someone who:

  • Wants to do well by doing good in the world –  wants to make a difference
  • Wants to make a transition to working remotely, with increased flexibility
  • Wants to create/deepen their expertise in a subject matter, training and development, that will serve them well for years to come
  • Can provide their own medical/health benefits

We are in search of someone with the following:


Is Mission-Driven

  • Wants to do work that is meaningful and is more than a job
  • Possesses a strong sense of purpose
  • Is warm, caring and values relationships

Is Adaptable and Flexible

  • Prefers to work from home and is able to do so efficiently and without distraction
  • Possesses strong and flexible boundaries, values time away from work and will do whatever it takes to get the job done accurately and on time
  • Is comfortable working independently with minimal interaction

Wants to Learn and Grow

  • Is thick-skinned and is open and accepting of feedback, even when hard to hear
  • Is excited by the prospect of working in an organization with exceptionally high standards
  • Is tech-forward (meaning unafraid of and embracing new technologies of all types)
  • Is comfortable and desirous of change for the sake of improvement

Executes with Acuity

  • Works quickly and thoroughly, consistently checks own work for accuracy
  • Demonstrates strong seamless follow through, no reminders needed
  • Makes very few mistakes and owns them when they do occur
  • Is naturally ultra-organized

Takes Initiative and is Resourceful

  • Is a self-starter, takes initiative, does things because they make sense and will help, not because asked
  • Possesses a sense of urgency and timeliness
  • Takes responsibility for own work, admits mistakes

Makes Sound Decisions

  • Possesses and uses exceptional judgment
  • Utilizes the 80/20 rule – knowing when 80% will do and when 100% is needed
  • Recognizes when additional information or help is needed

Possesses high Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Is a team player and works well with a wide variety of people
  • Can self-manage effectively under stress
  • Is genuinely helpful and empathetic


  • Excellent writing skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Picks up new skills and technologies quickly
  • Adept at using Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Is comfortable working with numbers
  • Is adept at planning, planning processes and project management


  • Training experience ideal, but not required
  • Experience with EQ and coaching a big plus
  • 3-5 years of work experience in a business environment
  • College degree preferred


Training Coordinator

The responsibilities of this position could potentially scale up depending upon the talent, capability and desire of the person.  As a starting point, this is what it would look like:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Partnering with the Director of Training in as logistical aspects of training
  • Manage the scheduling and internal coordinating of training programs
  • Manage communications with trainees about training specifics
  • Post descriptions of all programs on our LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Prepare materials for all trainings, including training manuals, name tags and tents
  • Facilitate all training event logistics, including securing locations, food and beverage, and negotiating related contracts
  • Obtaining training feedback from trainees and providing to the team at team meetings for the purpose of improving the training experience
  • Ensuring that all of the needed technology is ready, working and available for training
  • Communicating need room layout and logistics with training locations
  • Tracking the progress of trainees through their co-hort, communicating with trainees on their progress and supporting them through to completion
  • Providing trainees with tutorials as needed as well as certificates of completion
  • Tracking the source of trainees, in general and in specific by referral
  • Developing an understanding of the training material and over time, after mastery of the material, beginning to delivery components of training.
  • Reconciling revenues from training programs to what we receive from our LMS

In Support of the Team and Mission:

In a small company, everyone does everything.  As a team player, responsibilities as needed would include:

  • Setting up meetings as needed
  • Researching the best technology to solve a given problem
  • Responding to customer service inquiries, as needed
  • Writing copy for training courses, as needed
  • Recording expenses
  • Performing administrative tasks, as needed
  • Acting as back up for virtual assistant, as needed

Work Schedule and Location

  • Hours:  ~40+ hours/week.  General business hours, however we tend to be flexible.  Results are more important that time schedule.
  • Location: Virtual (from your home)
  • Equipment:  Owns current laptop, cell phone, and printer to be used for work
  • Note:   This is a great role for someone who wants to work and prefers high flexibility.  It’s not a good role for someone who wants to clock out at a certain time. While we believe in maintaining focus on family, friends and our personal lives, we have a commitment to our clients and to each other that means that sometimes the work needs to be completed during unpredictable times.

Who is LIAT?

LIAT is a small company with a big vision – a world in which people are present and conscious to the choices they are making and the impact they have on themselves and others –  world in which we are both connected with and separate from each other, recognizing that we make up a whole. We aim to transform people’s understanding of themselves in a way that creates more choice and more possibility for their lives.

LIAT is a MD based company, however the company is completely virtual, doing business in all 50 states as well as Canada.   We are tiny, mighty team – 2 full time staff, one part time staff.

LIAT’s Why?

We catalyze the advancement of leaders by developing and supporting those who catalyze them.


What does that even mean?

We believe that we are all shaped in relationship.   Our past relationships shape our perception of the present and our anticipation of the future.  Under stress (and BTW, we are all almost always under stress of some kind), we tend to react in non-conscious ways based upon patterns developed from past relationships.   And we make choices based upon bad or incomplete information, that don’t get us what we want. LIAT is dedicated to helping people make their non-conscious patterns, conscious, so that they can become aware of them, and have access to more choice and become the person, leader, partner, parent, that they want to be.

We have designed an instrument that reveals our hidden internal patterns under stress, which have evolved over a lifetime, the result of our life experiences.  We train people (coaches, consultants and experts in leadership development) on the interpretation of the instrument and sell the instrument to professionals who provide it to their clients for personal and professional growth.

In this shockingly revealing time in the US, it has never been more important for us as citizens, as a nation to come together.  We believe we have a part in doing that.

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