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Our Team

Alison Whitmire, P.C.C


Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action Technologies, a company committed to her passion of making the non-conscious conscious. Alison holds certifications from two different accredited coach training programs and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Alison has coached more than 100 CEO’s over the last ten years, logging over 5,000 paid coaching hours.

Alison was also a Chair for Vistage International for 8 years, running CEO roundtables and coaching CEOs. She has an MBA from the University of Chicago and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies. She has organized multiple TEDx Conferences and also been a TEDx speaker.

Alison is an authority in the area of Developmental Emotional Intelligence, focusing on our innate capacity for emotional intelligence, how it’s influenced by the relationships in our lives and how we can develop it through conscious awareness. Alison develops innovative curriculum and facilitates the training of coaches and leadership development professionals in the understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence concepts and tools in classes across North America.

Corrie Weikle

Training and Customer Care

Corrie worked previously in the Sustainability Consulting industry, where she focused on client relationship management, leadership, and developing holistic training programs. Corrie holds a Bachelors in Psychology and Environmental Studies, and she is currently studying to become a certified coach.

Corrie is passionate about transforming this world into a more resilient and emotionally intelligent place. She has dedicated her life to growing sustainable, relationship centric, vibrant communities through creating awareness, communicating effectively, and approaching life with a lens of understanding and intention.

Amanda Friday

Marketing and Client Care

Amanda comes to us having worked a great deal in the Education field. She has previously worked within the Partnerships Office for Fairfax County Public Schools and as the Director of Career Services for a graduate school of Education and Human Development. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Master’s in Education, and is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Counseling, focusing on career transition and student-athletes.

A teacher at heart, Amanda is an eager and spirited soul with a passion for creativity and heightening awareness. She is devoted to fostering relationships, growth, and to helping individuals overcome obstacles by empowering them to see their holistic self and potential.


Jeannine B. Hall, MA

EQ Profile Debrief Specialist 

Jeannine has over 25 years of professional experience in the areas of human development, education, corporate training and business operations. She completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Ecology at the University of Minnesota and operated a successful private psychotherapy and consulting practice for 16 years. She relocated to Seattle in 1996 and received her Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science at the Leadership Institute of Seattle, Basytr University. During the past 10 years, Jeannine’s work has included teaching career development coursework at the college level and consulting in the areas of change management, emotional intelligence and career development. She joined Learning in Action in 2004.

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