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Stellar Marketing and Customer Experience Manager

We are in search of someone who is in search of us (and just doesn’t know it yet). We are seeking a Stellar Marketing and Customer Experience Manager. That’s “Stellar” as in “marvelous, outstanding, first class, superb”. Individuals without that quality of performance will be unhappy in this role.

  • Wants to do well by doing good in the world –  wants to make a difference
  • Wants to make a transition to working remotely, with increased flexibility
  • Wants to create/deepen their expertise in a subject matter, marketing, that will serve them well for years to come

The person we are seeking is someone who embodies certain attributes and attitudes at align with the company.    Who the person is, is more important than what they’ve done.

Salary: $45,000-57,000 (depending upon experience)

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